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Better quality OST by LoganH0wlett at 12:38 PM EST on March 9, 2023
I may have found something interesting.

I remembered someone wanting to do a better quality rip of the samples and that some instruments were carried over to the DS titles(direct example: "Departure From The Beanbean Kingdom" being in BIS or PiT).

But the most interesting thing was that on the remake of SS, music tapes can be found with the soundtrack to be playable, and it also have the original versions in higher quality too.

Even if those can't be ripped as midi files, they could still be used as references as how the instruments were supposed to sound like.

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by Franpa at 6:50 AM EDT on April 17, 2023
So is there a single collection of peoples latest efforts in recreating this games music in MIDI that I can download? It looks like there's a lot of single track changes throughout this topic.

It also looks like the author of the title jumped the gun when saying it's complete, then including a Notes file stating some files don't work or are incorrect.
by LoganH0wlett at 3:45 PM EDT on March 19, 2024
Actually... Im working on remastering the soundtrack using the previously ripped midis, and separating the channels by instrument, tho the program I'm using dont export the projects to midi as i expected, its some progress on having it done.

Also a thing I've noticed, many tracks have the channels 7 and 8 used by square waves(which the soundfont have the sample way too loud), but even with the track volumes set to 100, the notes themselves are set to quite low that on these remastering projects im doing i have to increase the output volume of these to 2,5db at least, just so everything of the songs are clear and heard.
by LoganH0wlett at 5:46 PM EDT on March 23, 2024
Current progress on separating all of the soundtrack midi channels by instrument for a proper midi of them is 8 out of 51.

First troublesome midi done is the title screen one, having 3 misplaced notes of the fully drawbar organ channel, which I had to edit to fix that channel's length and note timing.

I've noticed that so far, the common issues with the "corrupted" tracks are mostly misplaced notes, tho I've only seen them on Gwarhar Lagoon's flute part, the whistle on the credits roll theme(which there are a LOT of, making the song last almost 4 times its actual time) and the title screen theme; while the only other issue is Bowser's Castle midi not having the slower tempo at the start and the tempo change, and the credits theme being slower than in-game.

After doing all the songs, I'll export them to midi, try to find a way to add loop points, and then finish the soundfont to go along with them, including the sound effects included on a previous wip on the thread.

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by LoganH0wlett at 4:47 PM EDT on April 4, 2024
Little Update for those who still check on here...

While I'm using LMMS to separate midi channels that have instrument change events, the program shoves all of them into one track and set them for instrument bank 0(aka what's usually pianos on normal soundfonts) when exporting back as midi.

The workaround I've found is using "Aria Maestosa" to separate them into individual tracks, then use Falcosoft's midi player to patch it up once more so it loads the proper instruments once loaded. I'll have a txt file explaining it all along with the final products once im done with it all.

And it actually works! I have "Come On!" and the title screen theme redone as midis but i still gotta find a way to add loop points to them.

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Hope for the full OST as midis by LoganH0wlett at 5:13 PM EDT on April 9, 2024
Its been only a few days since last update but I just wanna announce I found a way to add loop points to the midi.

Took me some time and trial and error but I did it in one day.
On the other since then ive been working on properly fixing the Title Screen theme's panning to be just right along with progressing on a few select songs.

It'll be a while longer till all tracks are finished, but its gonna be worth it.

Also side note, I do have some midis there were being trouble some and managed to find how to fix them. Especially the credits theme which has just a few channels bugged, one of them being the whistle that I recovered from a edit I did some years ago.

And as a previous rip also included unused or used on the demo(that has recently resurfaced), I will be adding them to the full list of midis, right after the ones from the final game. Example being the "Around The Castle" track being a completely different name and song, and it'll be labeled as "Mamelian Plain" on the list.

HOWEVER, I´m still stuck on those songs with effects on volume change and pitch shift, as one of the programs I use don't properly have those set right, so those will be left for last.

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