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by LoganH0wlett at 3:53 PM EST on December 8, 2021
Hopefully not.

I myself am planning on renaming the presets from the updated sf2 file while there isnt any updates from who was working on it. Also I may even do a few changes at it too, like setting se sound effects on a different sound bank and copy the drumsets to the actual drumset banks too.
by ThatOneNote at 8:45 PM EST on December 9, 2021
I was working on making a hq soundfont by replacing the instrument samples with higher quality recordings, but I want to wait until whenever the project is finished to finalize it
I wanted to keep things sounding close enough while comparing with the gsfs, here is a wip mix of the popple battle. drums have not been done yet

edit: have a Hoohoo village, this one sounds closer

edited 6:11 AM EST December 10, 2021
by LoganH0wlett at 9:53 AM EST on December 10, 2021
Oohh these sound great! The brass on Popple's theme a bit too much like an accordeon tho.

Right now I'm figuring out the unused samples from the updated soundfont of this thread, most are sound effects and voice clips(boy the bros have a lot of them) and setting them as instruments and presets.

There are some drumset like samples tho, but setting up drumsets is the only thing I dont know how to do, tho its just a few of them.
by ThatOneNote at 11:36 AM EST on December 10, 2021
You are right. It has too much high end, I'll make sure to fix that.

for unused samples I ended up manually renaming all the samples and removing them

getting the instrument balancing has been a nightmare. Making one song sound right compared to the gsf messes up another one.

Might be best to manually edit each midi until each track sounds right.

edited 11:38 AM EST December 10, 2021
by LoganH0wlett at 3:40 PM EST on December 10, 2021
So far the only midi that has given me problems is the end credits one cus the channel where the whistle is had its notes messed up, but it was from another thread and I've lost the midis and soundfont from that thread. Also some unused tracks were nice too.

But yeah, I'm keeping the SFX on a different bank just to ease up on the remixing part.

Oh! And besides the original fixed midi, maybe remake them with the insruments one on each channel, so it may help with the remixing a little as what I use to remix doesnt let me use 2 different soundfonts for the same channel if theress a intrument change on that channel.

edited 3:41 PM EST December 10, 2021
by ThatOneNote at 8:44 AM EST on December 11, 2021
Anyone know the instrument used for preset 11?
It's a synth like sound used in the boss battle theme. It's the only preset that I cannot find the source of
by LoganH0wlett at 6:02 AM EST on December 12, 2021
That one... On the other thread I mentioned it was another sample, more like how it goes in the game, named brass hit, which kinda makes sense, tho this thread's it sounds a bit like a not so strong steel drum mixed with a saw wave, but it could also still be a short brass.

However, I tested a thing here and its most likely a more compressed version of the synth hit from ML BIS last boss theme(BANK LAST_BOSS, preset 81(when ripped with VGMTrans)) and it sounded just as nice, if not better. So maybe it is that sample, but more compressed due to being in a GBA game. Just a hunch I have.

edited 6:11 AM EST December 12, 2021
project by Zettokage1337 at 11:40 AM EST on February 16, 2022
glad to see after all this time, so much work is still being put into this project
by LoganH0wlett at 4:02 PM EST on February 19, 2022
Well, yeah. With it done it opens such a wide range of possible remixes with it, tho the drumset is a bit different from normal soundfonts if compared sample placement.

Also, in my distraction with other stuff I've paused work on the sample using(putting the unnused ones to use in its own presets) to work on a Sonic GBA soundfont for a bit, but I'm not stopping completely, just felt the need of finding a few instruments I've seen before to the Sonic one.

And I do check on here from time to time for any updates.

edited 4:04 PM EST February 19, 2022
by ThatOneNote at 3:40 PM EST on March 9, 2022
almost every instrument sample has been replaced
current progress is towards mixing the samples better and more accurate looping points
here's another demo

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