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by LoganH0wlett at 3:31 PM EST on March 12, 2022
Oh! This sounds pretty good!

Just two things, the volumes of the mixing may need some minding, as the guitar is a bit too loud and the drums and bass are barely heard; and the flute may need some more smoothening(fade-in ish) on the start of the sample to sound more natural as some times it sounds like the flute have just been unmuted(or maybe its just the midi making it sound like that) and maybe a bit of reverb.

Still, great work there.

edited 3:32 PM EST March 12, 2022
by ThatOneNote at 12:57 PM EDT on March 23, 2022
Chucklehuck Woods and Boss battle
Mixing for the boss theme is still WIP but I believe Chucklehuckwoods is final
Have also been thinking of making a Youtube to upload these to, but you know how it is with music and ninty on there
by OfficialBrandix at 6:06 PM EDT on April 17, 2022
Hey guys, don't mind if I could help on this Rhythm Tengoku MIDI Pack project thing soon tho? I might get everything started in 2 weeks from now tho.
by ThatOneNote at 4:12 PM EDT on May 21, 2022
Some more tracks with the hd sampled soundfont, editing the instrument volume per track to match the gsfs better since I believe something from the midi pack isn't being replicated correctly (note velocity?)
Standard Battle:
Cackletta Battle:
Popple Battle V2:

edited 4:13 PM EDT May 21, 2022
by LoganH0wlett at 10:19 AM EDT on June 16, 2022
From what I coult tell from these:

1 - the second brass(the one I believe was the octave one) still feels a little too accordeon-like; both brass sections of the main melody are too low in volume while the ones supposed to be lower as support get all the focus; and lastly the song has loop points on the wrong part, as the longer bass notes are supposed to be only at the start, I believe the extra part of the midi with the main melody is already a hint to where the loop point should be.

2 - the only issue I have with that recording of Cackletta's battle theme are the quick notes at the start of the accordion's melody, apparently it have a rise so the sound doesn't catch up fast enough, baking the fast notes fell chopped before making sound.

3 - maybe turn the sound of the clapping up a little as it is what kinda pumps up the rhythm of the melody, and the brass doesn't have the same feel as the one on the normal battle(which feels strong and like its more than one brass playing), giving a feel like its a string instrument near the end of the long note
by LoganH0wlett at 12:35 PM EDT on June 16, 2022
This is kinda what i mean for what I've said, recorded these with what I have:
about the battle theme, "Come On!"
and Cackletta's boss theme's Accordeon parts
and here for Popple's theme.

These were madewith the midis and soundfont/samples I got from the threads here so the quality is mostly like the games.

Any hiccups or missing parts are the fault of the program I use, and it happens when it lags while recording.
Instruments sounding glitchy by izackefx at 1:56 PM EDT on June 18, 2022
Is there a reason that all samples have a glitched effect towards the end of each note? Do you guys have any trouble with this? I was trying to recreate Teehee Valley but listen to this and you’ll hear that it doesn’t sound right.

I’m using mixcraft for my mixing suite and I’m using TX16Wx to load the sound font and instruments.
by LoganH0wlett at 7:04 AM EDT on June 19, 2022
Iirc, there was supposed to be a second pan flute channel or the "bugged out note" is actually supposed to be in lower volume to make an echo effect.

Maybe the program you are using set all the notes the same volume by accident, removing the echo completely? Cuz for the programs I use that doesn't happen to me, yet it still shows a note input happening.
by LoganH0wlett at 7:29 AM EDT on June 19, 2022
Yep. Its exactly that. short note after the long notes in a lower volume to simulate an echo.

recorded the melody with a short sample to be able to hear it and it is barely noticeable with looped samples, but the saw hit i used made it clear.
Staff Roll Theme by LoganH0wlett at 4:44 PM EDT on June 20, 2022
Since im procrastinating on fixing the unused samples in the soundfont sent on this thread, I might as well still do something useful and fix the ending theme midi.

Its either from this one or another thread originally, named "sequence40" on my folder.

The only issues it have are 2 channels muted and the whistle's channel having long very high and low notes in between the actial melody and a slower tempo. I can fix those no problem. Also I might add the cheering from the end too for a final rendering of the song

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