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Better quality OST by LoganH0wlett at 12:38 PM EST on March 9, 2023
I may have found something interesting.

I remembered someone wanting to do a better quality rip of the samples and that some instruments were carried over to the DS titles(direct example: "Departure From The Beanbean Kingdom" being in BIS or PiT).

But the most interesting thing was that on the remake of SS, music tapes can be found with the soundtrack to be playable, and it also have the original versions in higher quality too.

Even if those can't be ripped as midi files, they could still be used as references as how the instruments were supposed to sound like.

edited 5:14 AM EST March 10, 2023
by Franpa at 6:50 AM EDT on April 17, 2023
So is there a single collection of peoples latest efforts in recreating this games music in MIDI that I can download? It looks like there's a lot of single track changes throughout this topic.

It also looks like the author of the title jumped the gun when saying it's complete, then including a Notes file stating some files don't work or are incorrect.

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