Having Trouble with modding Atelier Totori DX by erikesoteric at 3:18 AM EDT on March 15, 2019
The game I'm referring to is the Steam/PC version.

What I just wanted to do is to have custom music applied to the game, and I was able to perform some workarounds. The game's audio files are located in its "Res\x64\sound\bgm\" and "Main.g1l" is the one I'm using since it contains all of the game's background music files.

I'm able to confirm that the game's music is possible to be modded because I tried copying another game's "Main.g1l" file (from the same series, which is Atelier Meruru DX) and Totori DX was able to play the songs from the .g1l file of Atelier Meruru DX.

From what I understand so far, the structure of the .g1l file is:
.g1l archive > .kvs (or more likely looped .ogg) files inside the .g1l archive

I used 2 programs which are "KVS2OGG" and "KVS Tools" (KVS tools has 2 .exe programs, one is for extracting .kvs files and the other one is for archiving .kvs files into a new archive file called ".ktsl2stbin")

For "KVS2OGG", I only did this process:
- Rename "main.g1l" into "main.kvs"
- Open KVS2OGG
- Open "main.kvs"
- Select the extract location for the .ogg files the program will extract
- Results to "<filename of kvs file>_00001.ogg" (and is arranged in some order)

The thing about this program is that it's able to extract the .ogg files from the KVS files but when I want to export multiple .ogg files into a single KVS file, it wouldn't be possible. I tried renaming it into .g1l and inserted it into the game's files but didn't work as well

For "KVS Tools" (which was for Attack on Titan 2 but since Atelier Totori DX is also ported by Koei Tecmo to PC I assumed it would work), I did this process:

- Rename "main.g1l" into "main.kvs"
- Use the "kvs_extract.exe" file from KVS Tools through dragging "main.kvs" onto the .exe file
- After the extract process is done, the files from "main.kvs" is placed into the "out" folder the "kvs_extract.exe" generates

Afterwards, I tried using the archive tool included with this and dragged the folder where all the extracted kvs files are located and it resulted to "mod.ktsl2stbin". I tried renaming it into .g1l and inserted it into the game's files but didn't work as well

Is there a program/tool that allows multiple .ogg files to be compiled into a single .kvs file or .g1l file? Thanks!

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