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by bnnm at 2:36 PM EST on February 26, 2020!mJ5HwIRa!PAB7qVJMnxzryxqAy9VgrNoHTdhBBFB5Sl_fDbJpmDE

I've fixed the "encryption" error, seems a few early files were using an earlier encryption type. If the key was wrong you'd get files with garbage data though.

The second problem is related to big file handling. I've modified a couple of things and compiled an alt _64.exe so maybe it works better for you now. Both the JP and WW versions work the same though, so I don't really get it. Make sure the files weren't modified and stuff.
by ShardofTruth at 6:29 PM EST on February 26, 2020
Thanks again, you're the best. It works flawlessly now.
JP misc.mp4 by specterfox at 12:08 PM EDT on June 25, 2021
Does anyone have any backup of the JP misc.mp4, mp4-1, and mp4-2? It has important data needed to read the assets and the database and cache from square were completely wiped.

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