Area 51 (Xbox) Music files by Anterag at 5:31 PM EDT on April 21, 2019
Hello everyone. I need some help to convert the music files of Area 51 (Xbox version).
First, I extracted the content of the MUSIC.000 archive which contains the music package files with a BMS script (
The music files are inside the *.AUDIOPKG archives. The sample below comes from this archive:!L5Ei1aoa!8EUkE-l6y_-VC1vSxTRGQP1OJzZPh3A6fQOeSfAT6d0
To extract them, I used AlphaTwentyThree's script!vxdgmCZK!9YG3xc7HQ_OYehgDD72jE6ggk0UKJO87jSr8Gj63Nr8
There's no issue until this point because the problem is to rebuild a correct header in order to play the music files with vgmstream.
Apparently, the music uses the Xbox 4-bit IMA ADPCM codec, at 32000Hz, stereo, with a blocksize of 0x8000.

Here's my TXTH script which doesn't work (the music can clearly be heard without any static at the beginning, then garbled noise, then music, etc.)

codec = XBOX
codec_mode = 1
interleave = 0x8000
channels = 2
sample_rate = 32000
num_samples = data_size

Could anyone please help to write a correct TXTH script? Thanks in advance.


edited 5:42 PM EDT April 21, 2019
by Anterag at 5:16 AM EDT on June 3, 2019
Sorry but I still haven't figured it out :/

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