Ripping music from Sega Saturn XBAND by Infomaniac95 at 1:51 AM EDT on May 11, 2019
There are a few games on the SEGA Saturn that support the Netlink.

To use the Netlink, each one of the few games has XBAND bundled with it.

I was wanting to rip the music used in these XBAND menu, but am having some issues with it.

When i get my SSF made, it sounds... off.

Here is what it sounds like, for anyone wondering.

EDIT: Incase anyone wonders, when ripped correctly, it should sound something like this.
Im not quite sure what I can do to fix this, and was wondering if anyone here could find a way to fix this.

You can find the XBAND files here, if anyone wants to take a shot at it

edited 5:21 PM EDT May 11, 2019

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