CTR - HOWL data extraction & conversion (MIDI rips!) by xan1242 at 8:57 PM EDT on May 13, 2019
Was told by a folk over at PSXDEV to post here too!
(truth be told I totally forgot about this site, sorry guys)

Anyhow, I've reversed most of the HOWL sequence pack format, you can check it out here (tool download in link, releases tab)

HowlDataExtractor on Github

I'm still working on the tool but it should be good enough to rip midis! :D

I'll probably need help with researching different event types and sample packs too...

Have fun!

Here are some demos:
Hot Air Skyway SCVA (Soundcloud)

N.Gin Labs SCVA (Soundcloud)

Intro cutscene CT4MGM (Soundcloud)

edited 9:40 PM EDT May 13, 2019

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