Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions streams.dat (PC) by Puterboy1 at 6:51 PM EDT on May 31, 2019
Can anyone take a look at this?: https://mega.nz/#!7xJzmCZC!XCkieJuVo7-Lng-CjHiPInFj4saAn2iL3BUlteg35XA

edited 6:52 PM EDT May 31, 2019
by AnonRunzes at 3:05 PM EDT on June 1, 2019

there are a LOT of things i need to figure out with this one, not to mention this script(which is WIP by the way) doesn't actually extract anything yet so don't use it for the time being

edited 3:15 PM EDT June 1, 2019

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