Super Mario Sunshine Midis by Stardust_Mr at 7:14 AM EDT on June 2, 2019
Is there a proper rip of the Super Mario Sunshine midis? I know there was one released about 5 years ago but that one is pretty broken in terms of accuracy. If there's an accurate rip with the proper pitch bends, instrument channels and etc, can someone let me know please?
by icantthinkofagoodusername at 12:02 PM EDT on June 2, 2019
in the last page, the maker of gctools made gctools easier to work with in windows

here you can find the win64 version of smsdumpbanks, as well as wszst, to use smsdumpbanks, read here:, assuming you know how to use the command line programs, if you don't:
open it, write cd, then drag and drop the folder you have installed on wstsz, then write "wstsz" alone, to get a guide on how to use it, after making sure you copied sequence. arc in that directory. smsbankdump is the same, but you have to extract the whole audiores directory, a better explaination is inside gctools's, and when you get the bms, get this: [url][/url], and grag and drop the bms on the vgmtrans window

edit: have you tried this?

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