Name of this track? by tifaff at 9:02 AM EDT on June 3, 2019
3:54 and 7:35 from the same video

edited 9:03 AM EDT June 3, 2019
by tifaff at 12:05 AM EDT on June 6, 2019
the first is for Wario: Master of Disguise boss theme, but sounds a little different, and the second is a totally mystery to me
by tifaff at 1:52 AM EDT on June 22, 2019
by Kagemori at 5:49 AM EDT on June 22, 2019
Yes, first one is a distorted version of "Mad Hat" (Count Cannoli battle) from Wario Master of Disguise by Kenji Hikita. No idea about the second one, never heard it.

edited 5:51 AM EDT June 22, 2019
by TheUltimateKoopa at 9:28 AM EDT on June 22, 2019
The music at 7:35 actually starts at 7:16. It's also used in the introduction for all 4 episodes. As for what it's called, I also have no idea. It could just be a random piece of music especially made for the videos.

And I have searched ALL FOUR videos for any comments containing the words "music", "song", etc. Nothing. There is a comment saying asking about the tune in question, but of course, this is YouTube, where people can ask the name of a song, and still not get a reply sometimes YEARS later.

edited 9:36 AM EDT June 22, 2019
by tifaff at 5:27 AM EDT on June 30, 2019
yeah ty for the hard work, i send a email to the video owner, still no answer.

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