Carmen Sandiego Secret of the Stolen Drums (PS2) files by Puterboy1 at 4:08 PM EDT on June 9, 2019
Who can take a look at these?:
by NoWool at 12:07 AM EDT on June 10, 2019
It just looks like sound effects to me.
The .tsc and .tsm is virtually empty, the .sbh is more than likely the corresponding header to the .sbb (.sb body and .sb header seems reasonable). The .sbb is just sony adpcm and from what I can tell it's supposed to be sfx (or at least that's what the .sbh and .tse would lead me to believe)? It looks like each entry in the .sbh is 0x8C in length, the first entry begins at 0x28. Within those entries the last 4 bytes is the sample rate for said sample (@0x88 relative to beginning of entry), a sample's starting address is the 3rd last 4 byte entry (@0x80 relative to beginning of entry). It looks like every sample is listed as having a sample rate of 22050hz.
In the .sbh header itself 0x0C seems to be the number of entries? 0x14 is the starting address of the sample table, 0x18 is it's length. 0x1C is the starting address for some other stuff and it's length is at 0x20 (kind of lost interest past this point, my take is that these files are just related to sfx).

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