Mr. Nutz GBA music ripping by Akudaijin at 9:13 PM EDT on June 18, 2019
Hello. I've been trying to rip music from a game developed by DreamOn Studio called Mr. Nutz, and the audio engine that they used is not a standard Sappy one.

I've tried importing the ROM raw in Audacity, that just gives me some sound effects, and perhaps some instruments it seems like, not a stream of songs except the intro logos.

I've also tried to record the music using the emulator, but the game doesn't support disabling sound effects so I can't record a perfect song without sound effects ruining it.

There's also a specific song that plays at the end of the game which then cuts short and so I can't even fully record it.

The only thing left is somewhat debugging/hacking the game but I have no clue where to start. Is there anything else I can try which would be a bit easier to understand? I don't even know what kind of audio driver it's using to begin with unfortunately.

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