Help identifying/converting Rise of the Dragon SEGA CD music format (non CD audio) by spikey699 at 3:44 AM EDT on June 25, 2019
Hey folks,

Hope everyone's doing well :)

I have an obscure request, and this seems like a good forum for it.

The western game "Rise of the Dragon" on SEGA CD uses CD audio for a few tracks, but mostly BIN files as small, roughly MIDI sized music files for 95% of the game's music. The original DOS game used MIDI for music.

The game itself for the BGM sounds like it is playing some tracker format (whether MIDI or a converted form), and PCM samples are clearly used in playback, for example:

PCM drums ahoy!

Anyway, any help in converting this file format would be greatly appreciated.

A sample BIN file can be found here:

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