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by Jack Krowell at 3:57 PM EDT on July 30, 2019
Also, for the MALL_M.MIB file, I viewed it on foobar2000 in the layout editing mode, and here's a bit of the general info:

Sample rate=44100 Hz
bits per sample=16
Bitrate=403 kbps
Codec=Playstation 4-bit ADPCM Encoding=lossy/lossless.
by hcs at 11:41 PM EDT on July 30, 2019
If you're seeing that info you already have the component installed.
by Jack Krowell at 7:16 AM EDT on July 31, 2019
Yes, but it still sounds like garbage, not sounding like it does in game, stereo music still interleaved among one another.

The M_MIB files from joshw play properly because their in vgmstream and separated into four different tracks. But the ones I have were downloaded from COOLRoms, and are in .mib format in one whole track.

I've already had the txth+name table files downloaded, and had literally copy and pasted them into every separate directory/folder containing the .mib files. I've also had downloaded the latest of vgmstream, placed it in the components folder of the foobar2000 file folder of my program files, and had already installed it.

I don't know about/or what information in the game program to find to decode the data.

you say no conversion or editing is needed. yet the .mib files I have don't sound like the vgmstream files from joshw, and I can't seem to edit them in foobar2000.

So what do I have to do to make it to where their not all interleaved, and instead make it to where they can be separated into the four distinctive tracks like in the case for the Manhunt M_vgmstream files from joshw?
by NoWool at 12:10 AM EDT on August 1, 2019
The old rip on joshw is also mine. It was replaced with the name table stuff to preserve file extensions. The fact that any of those .MIB files are playing back at 44100hz and incorrectly de-interleaved leads me to believe that the filenames/extensions have been edited or the txth + name table is not in the correct directory. In order for the files to play back correctly the filenames need to remain the exact same and everything needs to be clumped into the same directory. It should look something like this:

edited 12:14 AM EDT August 1, 2019
by Jack Krowell at 3:09 PM EDT on August 22, 2019
I think I understand, the .MIB files type was labeled as "Windows Media Player" file and not the original .MIB.

A mistake caused by me respectively while I was trying to edit them to blindly.

Of course, I didn't at all know how to change the file extension back to .MIB, so I just deleted the whole ISO.

I'm now re-downloading the Manhunt game ISO with the CoolROM down-loader I still have on my computer, hoping that when I extract the music files again, they'll all be in their normal, original, default .MIB format.
by Jack Krowell at 7:07 PM EDT on August 22, 2019
So I apparently decided to download the 7z file for the Manhunt .MIB files from joshw. I noticed they're no longer in vgmstream format, which I'm perfectly alright with.

My computer has those .MIB file set to open with notepad, but I changed it to where their file type is .MIB.

However, when I opened Foobar2000, and then added one of _M.MIB files to play out in Foobar2000, it's still sounds messy. I even put the .MIB files in their own folder.

I've also just noticed that the image you posted of the filenames are different than what I have, the files names I have don't have .MIB at the end.

Example: What you posted-MALL_M.MIB vs what I have-MALL_M.

Could that be the reason, if so, how do I make it to where it has a proper filename like the image you posted?

edited 7:09 PM EDT August 22, 2019

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