Ogg Vorbis in Mobiclip by larsenv at 7:06 PM EDT on July 21, 2019
I want to extract the audio from these, it seems to be Ogg Vorbis without a header. These were used on the Wii Nintendo Channel. I don't know anything about how Oggs work, however this seems to use the "Tremor" library. I hope someone can help me. For you guys, it probably won't be too hard to figure out.


P.S. I wonder if this is gonna be one of the top results on Google for "nintendo channel mobiclip"...

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by Ultrafighter at 4:34 AM EDT on July 23, 2019
Have you tried VGMToolBox? Get it from here, unpack & launch it then go to Misc. Tools -> Stream Tools -> Video Demultiplexer, choose "MO (Mobiclip)" in format field, click "Extract Audio Only" and finally drag & drop your Mobiclip movie in VGMToolbox window. As a result you should get a readily playable (?) file containing just audio from that video file; the former should be located in the same folder as your Mobiclip.

If this doesn't work you'll have to ask someone much more advanced in game ripping / audio encoding / movie demultiplexing.


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by bnnm at 4:41 PM EDT on July 25, 2019
Those videos use custom Vorbis, not exactly Ogg. That's the easy part, the hard part would be demuxing those videos since the format is a bit quirky.

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