Unpacking Wwise *.pck archives (AKPK) by Ultrafighter at 5:48 AM EDT on August 4, 2019
Hi guys, can anyone give me a quick summary of good up-to-date means of unpacking Wwise *.pck archives with 'AKPK' identifier? There's a VG I'm ripping with both BNKs & a PCK and the latter is causing me some nuisance.

You probably know that I normally use this
but this time it couldn't extract a single stream so I took my time to check out this & that just in case but still no dice.
Then I googled a bit, found this but decided it's not good enough + presumably obsolete; my 2nd find was RavioliGameTools v2.10 I heard so much about but never used myself.
Well both RExplorer.exe & RExtractor.exe did their jobs better (I got multiple folders named like english(us), french(france), sfx, etc. + files named like 10169832 or 1003257723) BUT for some reason all the files have size of 0 Bytes.

So are there any worthy means / alternative solutions I haven't tried yet? My question isn't entirely academic you know: I may use VGMToolbox to rip all WEMs from that damn PCK (amount of tracks is the same as when I use RavioliGameTools) and there's no XML with track names anyway BUT it also means I'll have to listen to those unneeded localized streams (for 4 languages in addition to English) & that trial I'd really like to avoid. Anyone able to give me a hand here?

by Ultrafighter at 1:44 PM EDT on August 4, 2019
The problem is apparently solved: use this or that if none of the above work they way they should; there's also 3d option if you have that XML with track names (usually titled soundbanksinfo.xml).
Best wishes!

edited 1:45 PM EDT August 4, 2019

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