SM3DW weird sound files help by Mr.Sanic at 6:55 PM EDT on August 5, 2019
so, i was digging into the SoundData folder in SM3DW and there's some audio files in .SARC, .BFSAR and .SZS format.

but apparently, the BgmData.bfsar and SeData.bfsar doesn't seem to work. VGMToolbox couldn't extract the .bfwavs and only got two .BFWARs that i don't know what to do.

for the .SARC and .SZS files, i used UWizard, again, with no sucess, i got some .BFGRPs that i also have no idea to how to work with them.

i would really appreciate some help, i really need those audio streams.

i know, there's a site that has all of the sound effects, but i wanted to extract them myself.

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