Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Wwiseaudio by MDHEXT at 12:40 PM EDT on August 8, 2019
ww2ogg says the wem files are truncated. i need to know what the pck fie is and if it is a codebook. can anyone help?
by bnnm at 4:30 PM EDT on August 12, 2019
Files are truncated. This means they are cut short and data is missing and aren't correct.

You need to properly extract the files from .pck/bnk, using a good extractor .bms (not from zenhax/xentax), see this and this.

After that, those files are not OGG. Use vgmstream instead to play those correctly extracted .wem, you don't need ww2ogg anymore.

Anyway I uploaded a re-rip, will go up after some days (probably).
by hcs at 12:12 PM EDT on August 13, 2019
Yeah, now that Wwise Ogg support is in vgmstream, ww2ogg isn't necessary.

ww2ogg can still be useful if you want to losslessly convert to Ogg Vorbis that can be played with any decoder, but as most players don't support loops this usually isn't sufficient for VGM.
by MDHEXT at 10:32 PM EDT on August 26, 2019
Do I need to convert the bnk files to wem in order to play them with vgmstream?
by MDHEXT at 10:36 PM EDT on August 26, 2019
NVM i barely realized there were two responses. thanks for the help.
by hcs at 1:37 AM EDT on August 27, 2019
Oops, should have said Wwise Vorbis in my last post, as bnnm says the whole point is that it's not Ogg.

edited 1:38 AM EDT August 27, 2019

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