Freddi Fish Music Files by MoldyPond at 1:28 AM EDT on September 1, 2019
I went through my old PC CD collection and found I still had Freddi Fish. I noticed that there are no uploads of the music anywhere here, nor can I find the files on the disc. I believe the files should be within the FREDDI.HE files (as these are the only files that actually take up any space), however I can't find any way of extracting them. I've tried Xayrga's WAVE RIFF Extractor but it could only find two WAV files that won't even load in foobar.

I've posted the contents of the game in case anyone would be willing to look into this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
by bnnm at 6:31 PM EDT on September 2, 2019
First rename FREDDI.HE4 to something like FREDDI.HE4.pcm or FREDDI.HE4.vgmstream

Then put a .txth file in the folder with this:
subsong_count = @0x10
subsong_offset = 0x15
base_offset = 0x30

codec = PCM8_U
interleave = 0x1
channels = 1
start_offset = @0x0c + 0x28
data_size = @0x10 - 0x28
num_samples = data_size

base_offset = @0x0c
subsong_offset = 0x00
sample_rate = @0x16$2

Or unzip this file in the folder:
by MoldyPond at 8:53 PM EDT on September 2, 2019
Welp, thanks a bunch! I always knew the audio quality was REALLY low, but 11000Hz? That might be a new record for the lowest quality files I've ever seen :D

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