Gran Turismo SEQ to MIDI converter by xan1242 at 12:22 AM EDT on September 5, 2019
Hi all,

I'm working on a tool to convert GT's seq files (SEQG magic) to MIDI. I've made little progress on the tool but as soon as it's ready I'll post the source on GitHub.

Right now I've only been able to convert the first track of spu_09.seq (from GT2)

Download test midi

(midi was reexported thru cakewalk to optimize it for now)

I'm still deciphering the commands/events of this format so it's far from finished.

Another note I'd like to add: on some other midis, like in the track "From the east" (aka east city) the drums are perfectly mapped to the Sound Canvas.

edited 12:44 AM EDT September 5, 2019
by Puterboy1 at 3:27 AM EDT on September 5, 2019
What about a tool for the other sound formats?
by xan1242 at 11:41 AM EDT on September 5, 2019
Didn't look at them yet, I'll try some stuff out later when I get home.

The .ins files shouldn't be too difficult to decipher, I assume it's just a custom container for .vab files just like this is for standard ps1 seq files.
by xan1242 at 12:32 AM EDT on September 6, 2019
Here's a really early preview of the tool + some edited midis (Drift of air and Windroad are included)

It extracts the notes and some command data correctly but it's otherwise VERY unfinished (lacks pitch bend support and some other stuff)

Download link

I don't have time to clean up the code enough now to upload sources yet... I'll get around doing it soon :)
by xan1242 at 7:34 PM EDT on September 7, 2019
Here's the GitHub repo: Link

Download the first release here (MIDI included)

Included MIDI is the track "From the East" which you can listen to here

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