Pac Man World 2 Xbox .wbh + .xwb by Puterboy1 at 5:30 PM EDT on September 6, 2019
Is there anyway we can make a parser for this so that it can produce proper names for the sound files?

Here's an example:
by AnonRunzes at 4:44 PM EDT on September 7, 2019
.wbh is just a container for .xwb sound names. it's pretty easy to figure out if you're into "bit fields" or some kind of crazy terminology like that.
but if i knew how to do C programming at all i could do a quick-and-easy pull request on vgmstream that covers only .wbh. right now though you can stick with this:
0 - "WBHD" sign
4 - value 1
8 - number of names available for a paired xwb file
12 - reserved zero value
then there's a sector detailing what's associated with the xwb itself
0(plus sector offset) - xwb track number that has to do with this name
4(plus sector offset) - reserved zero value

after that there's the proper names themselves.

sorry about this, i just wanted to try and help you out by documenting this and leaving this here. certainly it's not what you want, but for whoever's thinking of implementing this wbh format for vgmstream i just wanted to leave this out.

edited 4:46 PM EDT September 7, 2019

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