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Nintendo DS sound effect/sample replacing? by Mario123311 at 2:52 AM EDT on September 19, 2019
So, I've been trying to make a little mod for Sonic Colors that replaces Roger Craig Smith's voice with Jason Griffith, However upon doing so with Tinke and repacking the soundbank, The sound is all slowed down and distorted, It's like that when I reopen the soundbank in Tinke as well and play after packing/saving.

Anybody know a workaround for this at all? It's a noobish, question I know - But I honestly would like to get this small patch out there.
by icecream at 9:56 PM EDT on September 19, 2019
Does the game have an .SDAT? How are you inserting the audio?
by Mario123311 at 3:40 PM EDT on September 20, 2019
Yes it uses SDAT, more specifically I’m exporting clips from Sonic Rush and re-importing them using Tinke, But it keeps fucking things up. I did try a few other programs and none of them worked. I also tried replacing the clips using Nitro Studio and then reimporting the new sdat with Tinke, Now whenever I play a level the game is completely silent yet whenever I play the sounds in Tinke they playback just fine. Seriously, what is going on here?

by ArcticJaguar725 at 6:12 PM EDT on September 20, 2019
I'm not entirely sure if I follow what the issue is, but could you try uploading the files involved with this to make it easier on our end?
by Mario123311 at 7:04 PM EDT on September 20, 2019
If you have a ROM of Sonic Colors onto the DS, Try loading it up in Tinke. I'm trying to replace Sonic's voice clips with these ones right here that I ripped from Sonic Rush. However, Every time I import them with Tinke, Repack the SWAR in it titled "WAVE_ZONE" and then save the sdat, It corrupts for whatever reason and fucks up the sound. I have no idea what is going wrong and I am using the latest version of Tinke.

Here's a link to the samples I am using, They are literally the same KHz as the ones in Sonic Colors so what gives?
by icecream at 12:02 PM EDT on September 21, 2019
Not sure of an exact solution, but in my experience you can't simply edit an .SDAT; simply replacing one file completely corrupts how the game reads it, even if it will work fine in Nitro Studio or whatever.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 6:42 PM EDT on September 21, 2019
If you can figure out a way to convert each individual sound effect to SWAV, you might be able to overwrite the original sounds using a hex editor and see working results. This however comes with limitations in that the new SWAV cannot be any larger than whatever is being replaced. (Technically it can't be any smaller either, but that can probably be circumvented with a bunch of zeroes at the end of the file.) It would also be a pain in the ass to do it this way relative to Nitro Studio or something of the like, but if those don't work, then I'm at something of a loss otherwise.

Granted, I don't own Sonic Colors nor do I have an SDAT from that game, so I have no way to actually test this stuff.
by icecream at 11:41 PM EDT on September 21, 2019
If you have the SDK, rebuilding the .SDAT from the ground up with the modifications is also an option, but that is an exercise in tedium.
by Mario123311 at 2:30 AM EDT on September 22, 2019
So sound replacing is almost impossible? I swear I’ve seen NSMB hacks replace sound effects. (Mainly one that tried to replicate the beta, replaced several clips with other SM64/SM64DS ones.)
by ArcticJaguar725 at 3:04 AM EDT on September 22, 2019
I highly doubt it's impossible, but the main question is whether or not the current tools can handle it correctly. I know Nitro Studio seems to work well with SSEQ replacement for me, so I don't see why it wouldn't work well with sounds. Perhaps it has something to do with the encoding information?

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