Advice on converting the .pak files found within the GameCube disc image file of Timesplitters: Future Perfect. by Jack Krowell at 8:40 PM EDT on September 24, 2019
So upon adventuring within the files of Timesplitters: Future Perfect for GameCube, I stumbled across a mass quantity of files in both .pak and .c2n format.

Such a find had got me thinking, in TS:FP, there's this ambiance-like music heard at the very beginning of the story level, "What Lies Below"(In fact, there's also ambiance-like sound effects heard while playing through the previous level, "Mansion of Madness").

Any advice on how to convert .pak files into a playable format, perhaps any software that can convert said files.
by hcs at 8:56 PM EDT on September 24, 2019
1. Please don't use a thread subject this long, "GameCube .pak files in Timesplitters: Future Perfect" would be fine.

2. Have you checked that the existing rip doesn't already have this?
by Jack Krowell at 10:15 PM EDT on September 24, 2019
My apologies for the long thread name hcs, I was just trying to state clearly of what my next topic should be about.

Also, I've already checked the existing rip, no trace of any .pak files at all within it, just the .ogg content.

If you want me to, I could try and take screen shots of the location of said .pak files within the GC disc image file of TS:FP of the Dolphin Emulator software.

And as always, thank you very much for your help hcs.
by hcs at 11:16 PM EDT on September 24, 2019
> I've already checked the existing rip, no trace of any .pak files at all within it, just the .ogg content.

Well, yes, my point was that someone has already done the work in extracting those files. Sorry if it's a silly question, but is the music you're looking for not in any of those oggs?

If you need to do it yourself, this BMS script may help, though that may not be for the GC version. (You would run this with QuickBMS)

edited 11:17 PM EDT September 24, 2019
by Jack Krowell at 11:57 PM EDT on September 24, 2019
Yes, the ambient sound effects I'm wanting isn't at all in the oggs that are displayed at (I guess it wasn't considered part of Future Perfect's OST, I'm not sure)

I'll give those BMSscripts a shot and see what the possible outcome is, you are wonderful and generous, and I appreciate your support.

I wish everyone on this forum were like you, giving advice to and for those of least concern.

Thank you.
by marcusss at 6:00 PM EDT on September 28, 2019
Well ages ago I ripped the xbox version as found extra pieces of music and bits compared to previous rips but didn't tag it . You can try going through it.

I don't think there are sfx anywhere but if it had music in it even for 2 secs , it might be there

Try hcs64 vgm search page

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