Anarchy Reigns ( Trying to find SFX / Ingame sounds ) by TheGoldenChild at 1:28 PM EDT on September 28, 2019
Hello, currently I am trying to find the actual in game sound effects and fighting sound files for anarchy reigns. There are two CPK files that I have and when fully extracted it only gives the voice files for non action scenes.

Extracting the SFX with CPK was the easy part but I wasn't able to find the SFX and Ingame voice sound effects in the Sound effect CPK which is "002". The "002" only has the cut scene sound effects but nothing for the in game. I was wondering if I could have some help trying to locate those files.

"CPK 000"

"CPK 002"

"Avatar Assets"


If one needs I can upload the whole games data files.

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