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Megami Tengoku II PC-FX rip by almendaz at 1:47 AM EDT on October 5, 2019
I just downloaded the music rip of Der Langrisser FX from joshw's site.
And I just got the inspiration...
Can anybody grab the correct values for this track?
Thanks to new contributions to VGMstream, I think soon PCFX sound rips will get some progress.

(A extract based on some FS from the disc image.)

(And the movies are supossedly in this extract.)

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by almendaz at 10:11 PM EST on December 15, 2019
I managed to extract some datachunks from Track02 (after reconverting bin to iso)
Here I upload my results:

This datachunk contains the 'main' data of game, but might also contain some synthetized tracks.
I do not know how to extract them (they might be HES data).

This datachunk contains the 'main' soundtrack -the 'streamed' music of the game.
You can enter the 'debug' mode of game with:
When OP movie is playing, using controller-2, enter “Up / Down / Left / Right / Up / Down / IV / II / V / III”.
Inside menu are sound test, movies & minigames (some 'synthetized' music is not part of BGM).
Using quickbms I managed to extract (split, really!) this datachunks in the 40 BGM tracks, concordant with 'debug':

[3], [4]
Similar to [1], these datachunks do not contain streamed music. Maybe graphics
(but they might also contain some synthetized tracks)
[4] is different header from content of [3].

Contains the SFX, seems multichannel but unknown interleave. Headers are located at 0x20000 *{0,1,2,3,...}

Contains oter sounds; some have false 'RIFF'; sub-datachunks are not uniformly distributed as [5].
Between [5] & [6] there must be 60 (0x3B+1) tracks, according to 'debug'.

Contains the KARAOKE music. 4 tracks.

Contains the VOICES. 2083 (0x822+1) tracks according to 'debug'.

Add the extension .adpcm in order to play with vgmstream.
The rest of Track02 seems to contain the videos; they seem interlaced, some video have double sound. I did not uploaded these.
Hope someone helps with extracting the 'synthetized/HES' tracks, if possible using these files I uploaded.

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by almendaz at 10:19 PM EST on December 15, 2019
[2] extracted files, the BGM:

Missing tracks, example here

Edit question: why when updating message, the [url] tag changes to <a href> ?

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by almendaz at 5:36 PM EST on December 23, 2019
Please someone take a look /examine these extracted files -I cannot figure what kind of audio these files have. Are they sequenced, or are these 'sound samples', I can't really tell. Highly apreciated.

Also, another extract. Has the SFX ADPCM from the minigames & battle mode: some of the ACE files might contain the music of battle mode, at least.

Note: "track02_data" is just "Track02.iso" from CD rip (using bin2iso from .bin of course). MT2 dump should contain 4 tracks (the 4th one contains almost nothing).

Note2: On this note, I wish happy holidays for everyone here & related!

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by bnnm at 6:05 PM EST on December 26, 2019
None of the links work for me. EDIT: misconfigured, derp

edited 4:13 AM EST December 27, 2019
by almendaz at 8:42 PM EST on December 26, 2019
Thanks for reply. I do not understand the problem you are having on your side; all links I uploaded are public, they just contain BINARY (i.e. direct rip from image, NOT compressed), extension-less files (some browsers add .rar extension, which is just invalid).
Here are the links in plain text.









The BGM (acording to sound test)

The (PSG-generated?) missing tracks (NOT found in sound test, why I do not know)

The "new" extracted files, that I think should (?) contain the PSG tracks, in one 7z archive

A ADPCM chunk that I found inside one of the "video" chunks (some "TA" data)

The game rip I have (had) does NOT have pregap, as the redump rip does.
I wonder if it is REALLY possible to rip the PSG sounds, or at least incorporate some way to play "data extracts" in vgmstream, knowing the correct parameters, of course. Because I know the missing tracks are not audio "streams".

edited 8:43 PM EST December 26, 2019
by hcs at 10:44 PM EST on December 26, 2019
Ugh, those zippyshare links have 3 different download buttons and all of them just direct to ads, even with an ad blocker. I couldn't figure out how to download at all. Sendspace is no better.

Firefox Send isn't a bad choice for short term sharing of samples like this, if you have a (free) account you can allow multiple downloads, but it does expire the link after some number and max 7 days. (Disclosure: I work at Mozilla.)

edited 10:53 PM EST December 26, 2019
by bnnm at 9:14 AM EST on December 27, 2019
Ok, got them (was blocking too much).

The "ace" don't look like streams to me, maybe sequences or compressed data. Can't help with HES/synth data, sorry.

For videos, if you check the Der Langrisser FX rip I put an audio extractor .bms there, maybe the format is similar.
by almendaz at 1:22 PM EST on December 27, 2019
I use JD2 to download, so no ads. Sorry I you got the ads; I uploaded the links without any account.
Respects to Mozilla, I have been using FF since 2006, when JS was less cumbersome & PC requirements to "surf" the internet were plausible. But I still loyal to FF & its upgrades.

Thank you. I thought it was too much coincidence that those ACE files could be the sequences, so that's why I posted this request.
I see, by the few PCFX-related posts here & on the internet, that there is no dedicated synth PC-FX plugin for vgmstream. Maybe some functionality from a certain emulator could be ported to vgms. in order to make this possible? That is beyond my knowledge unfortunately.

I have been examining the "TA" sections of the .iso, that should contain the movies. On basic reviewing of the bms script & my observations of the "inconstancy" of audio packet size, I think that the video format (the "data distribution" aspect) is NOT similar. (Or maybe because I did not examined your script profoundly, will do in free time.)

I hope this system gets enough support so that proper PC-FX audio rip becomes possible.
by almendaz at 11:29 PM EST on January 1, 2020
So far the way audio ADPCM are stored in the .iso extract does not make it easy to make a script; I haven't found a pattern to those audio stream offsets, they are NOT homogeneously interleaved with the video frames. Pretty sure that interleave pattern is custom, it would require studying the frame splits for a v-frame that "overlaps" the audio stream. At least, audio offsets are multiple of 0x1000, but those numbers are not the same between extracts.
There is also some 'movie' -slideshow is the proper name- that has the v-frames in sequence, and after some not-constant number of them comes the adpcm part, variable a-frames of course, until end of slideshow. Like the "video" was 1 v-frame during 8 seconds, then changes to another v-frame that last 3 seconds, then another v-frame... that is the idea.
The a-frames can be extracted & then merged to the audio stream, it's just the offset pattern that is difficult to program, lest one has to extract the audio part frame-by-frame manually!
I hope someone could program some PSG extractor.

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