Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Sound Files? by UTNerd24 at 2:52 AM EST on December 27, 2019
So I noticed that despite Jak 3 and Daxter having links to their ripped sounds, I can't seem to find anything on The Precursor Legacy. As one of my first PS2 games, I fell in love with the atmosphere and trippy energy sounds from the Eco. So I was wondering if anyone here could rip the sounds from the game? Voices are optional. Wether it be from the remaster or the original. I would be forever grateful.

And yes, I did see that there was a rip back in 2012, but that was before I knew about this site, So my apologies if it seems a hassle to ask for the same thing again.

EDIT: Unfortunatley, I have no knowledge of how I would convert said files if or when they are posted, so if they are RAW, I might need a few pointers as to how I can convert them.
The only few instances I found are comparison sounds on TCRF, so I guess thats a start.

EDIT 2: I discovered something called PSound. I think I'm on the right track, but now I'll need an ISO. Thres 3 problems though. Firstly, asking for a link is Piracy and that's obviously against the rules, second, even if I were to look for one myself, theres lots of shady looking sites and I don't think I should take the risk. Lastly, and probably the biggest problem is that I used to have a physical copy of the game but sold it years ago. Assuming that having a copy would work means im probably SoL.

Some further clarity would be appreciated.

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