Elder Scrolls Online by BRAGme at 11:16 AM EST on January 2, 2020
Hi, i was wondering if its possible for anyone to rip The Elder Scrolls Online for pc or ps4 (prefer pc) and if its possible could you upload it and give instructions/tools on how to rip it so when future dlc comes out i can extract the music my self!? thanks in advance. I am a die hard fan for this music and theres a lot of music not in the soundtrack that is in the game, plus some songs are by them self in the game
by Sir-Sabin at 5:22 PM EST on January 7, 2020
you need EsoExtractData to extract the files from the pc version, the pc uses wem for it's music, it might take a while to extract all the files.
by BRAGme at 1:20 AM EST on January 9, 2020
Ok, but i didnt see any wem files, where are they located? Ive ripped the pc version before but had no luck finding where the music is
by Sir-Sabin at 12:58 PM EST on January 10, 2020
i think, they are named .wav, just rename them to wem and they will play, they might me in folders 15 to 31

edited 12:59 PM EST January 10, 2020
by BRAGme at 11:26 AM EST on January 11, 2020
They are actually .riff and i put them in raviolli game tools and it converts them to .wav perfectly! I am beyond thankful for finally having the music!!
by Sir-Sabin at 12:36 AM EST on January 12, 2020
Rename them to wem and vgmstream will play them, no converting needed

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