SquareTex's Further Adventures in Stream Rename BAT Files. :D by SquareTex at 5:48 PM EST on January 12, 2020
Over a year ago, I had released a batch file renaming the files from the Infinite Undiscovery rip to match the OST listing. At the time, I was musing over doing further projects, but...had been too lazy to do so. <;P

But recently, as I picked up a bigger memcard for my phone and wanted to move more looped goodness onto it, the productivity sputtered back into action.

While I wish I could rename my IU thread and append further projects over there, I cannot find to do so. So I'm gonna stick whatever rename projects I finish from now under this thread.

Starting with...

Stella Deus (PS2 ADX streams)

It's further Sakimoto and Iwata goodness in the vein of Final fantasy Tactics. (Or maybe I should just call it Basiscape goodness?) And in my mind, their music and the colder months just...seem to fit. So wanting to add more to my wintery playlist, I decided to take this one on.

Gotta admit, though, there's one flaw with this music that bugs the tar outta me. It's almost as if Sakimoto and Iwata made the music with two loops and an ending, so that the game's sound editor(s) could have enough room to play around with and find optimal loop points. Instead, it feels like said editor(s) just set the loops at the start and finish of the workfiles and called it a day!

So, instead of smooth looping goodness, the music plays, comes to a stop, there's an awkward pause...and it starts over. Imagine if you made a Tactics playlist, but entered every song twice...that's what it feels like!

Ah well...shambolic "editing" or no, it's still tasty Basiscape goodness, and I'll take it. Here's the batchfile. :)

And as always, make sure you backup the original streams...just in case something goes awry. :D

Star Ocean 4 (ACE repackage) by SquareTex at 6:09 PM EST on January 12, 2020
Next up, we have the XBox 360 version of Star Ocean 4 - The Last Hope. And here's where it's important to note...this is for the "2017-05-14" release containing ACE stream files, not the earlier set of XMAs. (Which seemed to have been named already!)

I FINALLY sat down and worked on this one this afternoon, and I'm glad I did. I've been really fond of the OST, and so now I and other Sakuraba fans can enjoy it all in its full-looped glory.

...oh, and with one addition. "Momentary Reprieve", which I assume is a sleep jingle, was on the OST, but not in the streams. So I'm throwing it in thee as well, just like I did with "Another Challenge" for Infinite Undiscovery.

The goodies are in the following 7z. Backup files etc etc etc. :D


edited 8:47 PM EST January 12, 2020
by bnnm at 4:10 PM EST on January 13, 2020
I recommend taking a look at vgmstream's tagging support too:

Example: https://pastebin.com/yqxkujZd (save as "!tags.m3u" and open that file with a recent-ish vgmstream version)
You can even alter looping in the m3u (see "virtual txtp").
by SquareTex at 1:43 PM EST on January 14, 2020
Oh...things have certainly advanced when I wasn't looking! o_O

This may actually come in handy with a recent issue I came across. I was trying to make a rename batch for the PS2 version of Dragon Quest 5. And while it was doing a good job of RENAMING the ADM files, the process of renaming was somehow STRIPPING OUT the looping info! And that...yeah, kinda defeats the purpose. :\

I expect this way would retain the looping info just fine. I'll try it out next time I sit down and do some more work. Thanks for the hints! :)

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