Freedom Fighters (Xbox) streams_*.wav/FF*.WAV/FF*.WHD/FF*.SND/FF*.LOC by Ultrafighter at 1:05 AM EST on January 26, 2020
Hi guys, I hope you're able to help me unpack at least a portion of these audio archives from FF: maybe streams_*.wav files contain all I ever needed but I'd like to check out contents of FF*.WAV too, the latter might store mere level-specific SFX but possibly some cutscene tracks or even BGM too.
I'm not too sure about nature or purpose of *.SND or *.LOC files (they were found in *.ZIP archives) but I figured out those could be useful as well as *.WAV/*.WHD pairs.

Best wishes & good luck!
PS. If it helps there're 8 streams_*.wav files & the 1st 7 (from streams_0.wav to Streams_6.wav) have exactly the same size, 256 000 000 Bytes.

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