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by Ultrafighter at 10:03 AM EST on February 3, 2020
Let's take that "PlayStation 2 - VAGp Streams Type 3" preset for example: in VGMToolbox window you go to Misc. Tools->Extraction Tools->Generic->Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder, then you choose "PlayStation 2 - VAGp Streams Type 3" preset from dropdown menu on the right, click "load" button then OK button in that warning pop-up, set Output folder if you wish and finally you should simply drag & drop *.bnk files into "Files to Search" field.

You don't need to enter values for Search String, specify Starting Offset by hand, etc. - all those values are loaded automatically when you load any preset, hell that's what presets were made for in the 1st place.
There're a few slightly incomplete presets, "Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA)" to name some, and you'd have to manually fill "Output file extension" field there (VGMToolbox won't even start scanning input files unless all the crucial fields are filled with required parameters) but all PlayStation 2 or PSX presets are complete as far as I can tell.

If there's a green bar in the very bottom of VGMToolbox's window + the words "Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder" are highlighted in green then search process was successfully completed, it might simply mean that the program wasn't able to find anything in your input files using that specific preset.
To be sure you didn't get a thing inspect contents of a directory where *.bnk files are located or double-check if you custom-set output folder is still empty.

The main problem with such a ripping method (or better say a workaround) is finding out exactly what audio/video formats are actually contained in your input files, it can be quite a bother when dealing with streamed formats (pre-recorded sounds which are rather big) but it's way more complicated if sequenced stuff (I'm talking about rather small audio tracks which are assembled on fly from a number of pre-recorded or synthesized sounds)is involved.
Anyway as I said previously you can try out every single PlayStation 2 or PSX presets available in Advanced Cutter of VGMToolbox but no one is able to guarantee that the program is going to find something within *.bnk files, especially if some audio is actually sequenced in TMB...

I hope this clears up lots of things for you Jack!
Best regards, Ultrafighter.

edited 10:05 AM EST February 3, 2020
by Jack Krowell at 5:54 PM EST on February 25, 2020
Thank you for your assistance Ultrafighter, I actually managed to extract all the sound files stored within SHELLMUS.bnk through PSound.

Though I found out I needed a MIDI-like table to decipher how the sound effects are played out.

So AceK, any chance you could tell me where it is I can find the custom driver for Twisted Metal: Black?

I can't seem to find anything in the games folders relating to psf2 files, or any MIDI tables/files for that matter.

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