Extracting SPC's from SFC/SNES ROMs by Infamous Lunchbox at 3:50 AM EST on February 2, 2020
I know this is probably a dumb question, but I've been having issues trying to find good SPC extraction tools. I have tried SPCTool, but it keeps crashing in DOSBox, maybe I'm doing it wrong? I know you can save SPC's as they play in game through emulator, but is there a better way to extract SPC's from the ROMs? If there is no option for a music test this can be very tricky.

I am not great at disassembling code, and picking them out individually, but I can learn if necessary.

In particular I'm looking for the SPC's from Kachou Shima Kousaku (Super Business Adventure) from the Super Famicom (not the DS game to be clear). I can't seem to find in any database. There's a few others that I can't find SPC rips from that I would like to preserve by recording from hardware (Firebrand modded SNES). Thanks.
by bnnm at 1:43 PM EST on February 4, 2020
SPCs are just an emulator savestate prepared with music only, they don't exist inside ROMs and are an artificial format.

Without a music test your best bet is to fiddle with the emulator's cheat engine. With some luck you can find and patch a value that controls the scene BGM, probably there are still some tutorials out there.

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