How to extract MIDI files from .ssf (Saturn Sound Files)? by fedex1 at 5:36 AM EST on February 11, 2020
I would like to convert .ssf files to .midi

I don’t need the tone/soundfont, I just need the midi file that is inside the .ssf file.

I’ve downloaded the .ssf file from the Zophar’s Music Domain ( / and click on “Download original music files (224 MB)”

I seem to understand that first you need to get the .SEQ from the .SSF, using VGMToolBox -> Misc. Tools, xSF Tools, SSF, seqext/tonext Front End, I tried using it with drag & drop, it say “completed” but nothing really happened, it says something about needing Python.

Also I’ve tried downloading SEQ2MID but I really don’t understand how that work, probably you need to install python but I am not a programmer and don’t know what to do.


I then tried to understand how it works, I’ve installed python 2.7.13 (that is an old version) and run the .py script seqext/tonext (downloaded from using CMD (execute from the directory of the script)

What the program ask is just:

Sega Saturn sequence extractor v0.07 by kingshriek'
Usage: python %s <filename(s)> <output directory>

I just write in the CMD: Sikok.ssf output

and then it says:
--- Sikok.ssf: No sequence data found (and the output folder is created empty)

It is impossible that is not sequenced, I checked and it is not a stream audio, also verified with the that contains bank/tone/seq info

What can I do to get midi from .ssf?

If someone can make a video tutorial, or explain here, or just convert the files from the Zophar site I linked for me, I appreciate it very much!

Thank you everyone

Thank you
by fedex1 at 10:12 AM EST on February 11, 2020
Ok I've managed to get the .py to work (let me say that the instruction are really really bad) infact you need to convert from .bin not from .ssf

Now I have many .SEQ

But I have to make SEQ2MID to work and obviously doesn't work, it say that is not compatible with my current Windows 10 64 bit version.

I don't know what to do once again
by fedex1 at 2:33 AM EST on February 12, 2020
So I used SEQ2MID with the help of DosBox, now I can get .midi but there is another problem of course. The midi I get aren't full songs, some songs just interrupt after 30-40 seconds.
What to do?

I noticed that songs that are not full are converted with this error line:
printf("unknown code: address %x, value %x\n", ftell(fp) - 1, ctl_byte);

edited 4:12 AM EST February 12, 2020

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