Xbox 360 .bin File by Valor at 10:18 PM EST on February 12, 2020
EDIT: Issue solved, thank you bxaimc.

Howdy. I'm currently working on trying to extract audio from Ace Combat 6, specifically the dialogue, and not the music. I've already extracted the .bin file from the disk itself, however I have no idea how to get the individual .xma files from said .bin files.

If I rename the .bin file to .xma, and run it through a multitude of different converters, they all output a single voice line. For reference, the .bin file is about 266 MBs in size, and when I run it through a converter I get a single 233 KB file.

I'm lost in trying to get all of the individual files and I'd really love to get some pointers to get me in the right direction. Thanks!

edited 11:42 PM EST February 12, 2020

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