rescue team compressed by porocopi16 at 5:37 AM EST on March 6, 2020
again with the weird questions

so i like pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team's music. blue's, specifically, i don't like red's as much. so i've downloaded a rip here and even ripped this game myself, but half the tracks in foobar, most of the ambient-sounding music (like env_soul and most of the friend area (habitat) ones) become anything from 10-20 minutes long and feature heavy amounts of popping/crackling and also sound -way- more compressed than even recordings of the game. all the dungeon themes rip fine, just what's going on that make them all sound super compressed and crackly and also bloat in length?

for example here's a recording of env_soul which much clearer quality on youtube (labelled as an ambient theme in the rip on joshw)

it probably seems like a dumb question especially since the remake came out but i've always wanted to know if it's even possible to get a looped version of the original versions of these songs from blue without nearly all the cracking and popping.
by kode54 at 10:13 PM EST on March 7, 2020
Set your 2SF player's interpolation to "blep synthesis". I should make this the default.

Also, those ambient tracks are that long, because the sequence data that they're comprised of literally takes that long to loop twice.

edited 10:16 PM EST March 7, 2020

E: I see what you mean by that one track having clicks. I'm not sure whether it was ripped incorrectly, or if the actual hardware would be employing volume ramping there.

edited 10:27 PM EST March 7, 2020

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