Spider Man-Battle for New York|Minigsf Files. by Jack Krowell at 4:56 PM EST on March 6, 2020
For the 7z file I downloaded from joshw, for Spider Man-Battle for New York for the GameBoy, could any of you please tell me how to extract/convert the .MINIGSF files to wav, or any other type of playable audio format?

edited 4:59 PM EST March 6, 2020
by kode54 at 9:01 PM EST on March 6, 2020
You need either Highly Advanced for Winamp, foo_input_gsf for foobar2000, or any number of other players that have GSF decoders.
by Jack Krowell at 3:25 PM EST on March 7, 2020
Just downloaded that GSF component for Foobar2000,
And everything worked out perfectly, thank you very much kode54, I appreciate it.

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