Dead Island XBOX-360| .XMA Files. by Jack Krowell at 3:47 PM EDT on March 8, 2020
Greetings, for the 7z download of Dead Island for XBOX-360, from the joshw site, could you please tell how I can convert the .xma files into a playable audio format, such as wav?
by kode54 at 8:23 PM EDT on March 8, 2020
VGMStream for Winamp or foobar2000 or Audacious (or if you build it yourself, for DeaDBeeF) will decode XMA files, so long as it's built with FFmpeg support. It will also support looping and/or fading.
by Jack Krowell at 11:05 PM EDT on March 8, 2020
Thanks for the advice, I managed to convert all the .xma files to wav with no problem at all.

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