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Ripping music and sounds from Tanktics (PC) by JacintaB19 at 7:12 AM EDT on May 8, 2020
I'm trying to rip sounds and music from older PC games, especially Tanktics. I have a file called tankdata.bin which is a BIN file, and i can't get the sound data from it.

Any way for me to rip sounds from BIN files?
by WDLmaster at 7:20 AM EDT on May 11, 2020
There's not one unique type or definition of BIN files. BIN can be anything, even a ZIP file in disguise. For 90s games you can generally try the console application MultiRipper. Download the EXE, drag-and-drop the "tankdata.bin" over the EXE and press F6 to scan for any known files. File names are not extracted, just file type + a number. All files are created in the same directory as the source file (I believe). In some cases MultiRipper actually recognizes some archive formats and can extract files with their proper names.

Alternatively: upload the "tankdata.bin" file somewhere so we can take a look at it. If the format is simple enough it might be easy to write an extractor for it.

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by JacintaB19 at 12:16 AM EDT on May 13, 2020
Here's the file link:

As for MultiRipper, i tried extracting the sounds in the tool, but it doesn't work...

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by WDLmaster at 3:02 PM EDT on May 13, 2020
MultiRipper only recognizes well known formats. The "tankdata.bin" itself as well as all files within it are proprietary. It contains no WAV or other known files for MultiRipper to find. The archive contains no filenames, only offsets and size pairs. Filenames are either stored somewhere else or are hardcoded in the game.

The sounds are stored in one continuous data chunk without headers. The headers are stored in a separate chunk. Combining them is not trivial! You can use an audio editor which reads any file as RAW file to separate files by hand if you like. All sounds are 16 bit uncompressed PCM. The archive contains no music btw. Maybe it's Redbook audio, in which case you have to rip the tracks from the CD by yourself.

You can extract the archive using VGM Toolbox: go to "misc tools" -> "extraction tools" -> "generic" -> "virtual file system extractor".

Drag the "tankdata.bin" onto the "Data File" field and set the following configuration:

File count equals 77
File records begin at offset 12 and each record has a size of 12
File offset is at offset 4 and has size 4 and byte order Little Endian
Use file offsets to determine file lengths

click "extract files"

A sub folder will be created which contains the extracted files. File 0000001A is the one you're looking for. 0000001B is the header file, which is useless as-is.

by JacintaB19 at 5:27 AM EDT on May 15, 2020
So, what can i do now to extract the sound files in file 0000001A using audacity? Any help.

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by WDLmaster at 10:19 AM EDT on May 15, 2020
Converting these files to WAV requires writing a custom converter, which I could do, but is it worth the effort? I extracted the sounds for you, because explaining how you do it in VGM Toolbox takes forever. These are no WAV files but headerless RAW files without sample rate info. You have to guess the correct sample rates.
by JacintaB19 at 10:56 PM EDT on May 15, 2020
So, guessing the correct sample rates will be tough... You will have to play through the game first, or see gameplay videos of it before you can make the sounds sound right, like in the actual game.

In fact, Tanktics is a game made by DMA Design and Interplay for PCs, and I've played it.
by WDLmaster at 6:35 PM EDT on May 16, 2020
Well, I'm kinda bored at the moment anyway. So I wrote a converter just for that purpose. Simply drag the "tankdata.bin" onto the EXE.
by JacintaB19 at 7:32 PM EDT on May 16, 2020
Thanks! These sounds work in Audacity, but they didn't work in foobar2000 though.

edited 10:42 PM EDT May 16, 2020
by WDLmaster at 4:22 AM EDT on May 17, 2020
I think I fixed it now. Just download it again.

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