NBA 2004 .fcd files by Puterboy1 at 1:27 PM EDT on May 8, 2020
Can anyone make these playable please?:
by almendaz at 8:45 PM EDT on May 8, 2020
.FCD files are reminiscent of some SAT/3DO video files. This is what I could figure from them.

"[]" brackets mean 4 bytes (dword).
"{}" brackets mean any bytes, specific type.

.IDX file (index??, references .FCD):
( {subfile's name (string,0x14 bytes) } {parameters ??? (0xC bytes) } [offset*] [size*] )n

// if [offset*][size*] == {FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF}, then must be dummy (I haven't found use).

.FCD file:
( {data* (size*) } )n

for each subfile in .IDX {
"SCHl" [chunk size (incl. "SCHl") == 0x1C] [50 54 00 00] { ??? (0x10 bytes) }
"SCCl" [chunk size (incl. "SCCl") == 0xC] ["SCDl" count => m]
( "SCDl" [chunk size (incl. "SCDl")] {data} )m
"SCEl" [08 00 00 00] { 0x00 padding to next offset multiple of 0x100 (except last, see below)}
} /for each count of "SCHl" (???)
padding { 0x00 }, up to last bytes near (offset* + size*):
"HrIn" { data* (from ?HDR.FCD) } "HrSz" [(BigEndian)size* (from ?HDR.FCD) ]

I could not identify patterns inside files .csi, .evt.

edited 8:46 PM EDT May 8, 2020

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