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Ripping music (and sounds) from Creative Wonders PC games by JacintaB19 at 9:02 PM EDT on May 15, 2020
I'm trying to get the music and sounds from PC games made by Creative Wonders. This also includes the game demos as well.

Some games (like the Sesame Street ones) have the sounds and music as WAV or AVI files, while others (Schoolhouse Rock, Madeline, ABC World Reference, etc) have the music stored in files. How can I get them? Any help needed would be nice.

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by WDLmaster at 8:08 AM EDT on May 19, 2020
As with any other game you requested so far, a good start is to upload the file(s) which supposedly contain the data you wish to extract. If we don't know the format we need some file(s) to examine.
by JacintaB19 at 8:23 PM EDT on May 19, 2020
Here's two of them, Creative Reader: Around The World in 80 Days and Peter Pan.
(I didn't include The Jungle Book here, as i have already ripped it's sounds though.)



Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar Rock & Little Bear

Madeline and the Magnificent Puppet Show & Thinking Games

Sesame Street: Numbers, Let's Make a Word, Elmo's Preschool, Get Set To Learn, and Search & Learn Adventures

(More game files will be added soon)

You should use an iso ripper like IsoBuster to check the data of the ISOs.

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by WDLmaster at 7:34 PM EDT on May 21, 2020
"Around the World" and "Peter Pan" share the same .RSC file types, which can easily be extracted using VGM Toolbox but the extracted files are compressed with some (unknown?) method! If you still want to extract them go to VGM Toolbox's Virtual File System extractor and use the following configuration:

Header size is at offset 27 and has size of 4 and byte order is Little Endian
File records begin at offset 8 and have size 23
File offset is at offset 19 and has size 4 and byte order is Little Endian
Use file offsets to determine file lengths
Filename is included in VFS
Filename is included in the individual file record at offset 0
Has static size 15

"Grammar Rock" is a mess. The .DIR files are tag-based with kinda complex structure. Sounds are stored in a custom format. I'm not going to write a fully functional parser for these files, which could take ages and is simply not worth the effort. I wrote a simpler converter instead, which only scans for the signature of one specific tag. This can lead to the extraction of some garbage WAV files (loud noise!) or skipping extraction of correct WAV files. You have to live with that limitation at the moment until someone reverse engineered that format further. Put the EXE and all the .DIR files you want to extract in the same directory and run the EXE.

The "Madeline" stuff is unclear. Some games have data directly embedded into their EXE, which makes it complicated to extract. There's no easy way to automate the process for this kind of stuff (except when standard files are embedded). In the "MATE" directory are some .MAV files which seem to be a custom video format with interleaved audio data between the frames. I haven't spend too much time dissecting those files because the structure is even more complex than .DIR files, so no extraction at the moment.

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by JacintaB19 at 9:56 AM EDT on May 29, 2020
More isos for you.

Sesame Street: Letters & Art Workshop, Madeline: European Adventures and Slam Dunk Typing
by WDLmaster at 5:42 PM EDT on May 30, 2020
I think I'll do the CON files first, found in the "getset" ISO. They're not super complicated but still kinda cluttered. They contain sound in at least 2 different types, the first one is some proprietary (of course) format which needs demuxing because it's interleaved with some dialog animation control chunks which have to be cut out to get a correct stream. The other type are standard WAV files which can be ripped by VGM toolbox.

EDIT: Download CON2WAVE.EXE, put it in the same directory as all the CON files and run the EXE.

EDIT 2: The "letters" ISO contains lots of CWW files which is a video format with audio chunks between the frames. Thankfully it's simpler than CON files and extracting/concatenating the audio chunks is relatively straightforward. As always, download a tool I purposefully named CWW2WAV.EXE and put it in the same directories as the CWW files, then run it.

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Mav files by Puterboy1 at 5:59 PM EDT on May 31, 2020
What about the sound files from the Madeline games? Any solution to those?
by WDLmaster at 1:52 PM EDT on June 2, 2020
Not yet, I'm working on it. MAV files are a bit more tricky and sometimes I have other stuff to do than reverse engineering obscure file formats. Just wait until it's done.
by WDLmaster at 3:56 PM EDT on June 3, 2020
I finally reverse engineered the MAV format enough to be able to extract the audio chunks. Download the MAV2WAV converter, put it in the same directories (there are many) as the MAV files and run it.

EDIT: I just noticed there are at least 2 different types of MAV files! This is ONLY for the "thinking games" and not for the "European adventures" ISO.

EDIT2: Upon further inspection I found out that both formats are actually identical but the file headers for the "European adventures" format are messed up and contain garbage. I updated the converter accordingly. It's now able to extract both types.

edited 5:36 PM EDT June 3, 2020
by Puterboy1 at 12:55 AM EDT on June 4, 2020
I need access to the MAV2WAV file, please.

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