Alliance of Valiant Arms Soundtrack by entermatrix at 10:08 AM EDT on May 20, 2020
Dear fellow videogame soundtrack lovers,

AVA is my favorite game of all time and it's about damn time they release the entire full soundtrack or at least a rip.

So far after researching I could only find these two links.

1. 8 tracks straight from a publisher but for some reason they're only 256 kbit/s. Is this the best quality they could do?

2. AVA 5th Anniversary Soundtrack
I don't live in China or Japan so I can't buy it.

3. Anyways, the most complete list of the tracks is found here:

Here you can see 13 tracks and none of the good tracks are left out. I don't know what else would be missing in the game files but in my opinion, these 13 tracks are the best the game's ever got to offer and it's complete. Anything missing from here would be rather neutral ambient-like music.

I tried to contact that YouTuber on both YouTube and Twitch, but he seems to be inactive. Has anyone got an idea how he came to possess these 13 tracks from AVA? Can anyone provide a full .flac rip in perfect quality of the game Alliance of Valiant Arms? Or where can I buy the full soundtrack?

If anyone is willing to help me with this, it is much appreciated! I just wish to possess my favorite soundtrack of all time for my favorite videogame of all time. Please someone rip it in original or .flac quality or send me a link to where I can purchase it.

By the way, I heard from SnowShovel that they're working on AVA2, hopefully on Unreal Engine 4, but noone really knows...

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