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by almendaz at 5:17 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
"%k" is the placeholder for the variable, in this case, the .bin files. "for" command uses the first "%k" to set/initialize its counter; the sentence after "do ", i.e. "python ..." is the action to execute for each input file, that will repeat along the counter.
by JacintaB19 at 5:22 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
Reinstalled python, but i tried step 5 again, and the same error keeps coming up, and I get "The system cannot find the path specified". This step is the hardest one for me...
How could i set/initialize the counter; and find the action to execute for each input file. Can you help.

edited 9:41 AM EDT May 26, 2020
by Squaresoft74 at 8:52 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
Did you check the "Add Python to path" during its installation ?

Ok i gave it a look and in my case Python is installed in "C:\python27-x64" folder so the command for me here is:

for %k in ("*.BIN") do "C:\python27-x64\python.exe" aicadrv.bin -a %k

edited 9:07 AM EDT May 26, 2020
by JacintaB19 at 9:31 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
Oh... How silly of me. I forgot about that! Thanks.

I'm getting there. (I think...) And just how many DSFs did i manage to get in Rhythm Tengoku's soundbank? 2,707 of them!

And here they are!

edited 11:06 AM EDT May 26, 2020
by almendaz at 11:04 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
Good work! Many of them outgth to be SFX. Detele the .dsf/.minidsf files that you will not use, but do NOT delete .dsflib ones.
by JacintaB19 at 11:13 AM EDT on May 26, 2020
If you want to check for yourself, then download the folder that I've posted in the link above. You could sort the music and sounds into folders of their own while you're checking, also.

This special arcade port of Rhythm Tengoku (or Rhythm Heaven if you prefer english, as this was the first game in the series) for the Naomi sure does have some "Tempo-Up!" remixes of the Set 1 rhythm games. In fact, some of it's music is seqenced, some of it is looped, and some of it is non-looped. If only someone can make the sequenced music sound just right like in the actual game.

edited 6:43 AM EDT May 27, 2020
by JacintaB19 at 4:58 AM EDT on June 4, 2020
Has anyone made a tool to make Rhythm Tengoku's sequenced music sound just right like in the game, yet?

Any help on that though?

edited 5:00 AM EDT June 4, 2020
by almendaz at 3:55 AM EDT on June 5, 2020
As of currently, many #SF formats (qsf, psf, ssf, dsf) which makes syntethyzed/sequenced music suffer of that "imperfection" due to their constructor driver not being final/ something like a stub. We would need customized sets for them (something like custom sound drivers), like in recently for some PSX rips.
So, the imperfection might come from the extracted driver (aica###.bin in this case), or the #sf creation process. An update to this latter could come necessary.

edited 3:59 AM EDT June 5, 2020
by JacintaB19 at 4:04 PM EDT on July 14, 2020
Have you had any luck on the customized sets (for this game's sound driver) yet? Any updates?

By the way, does the extracting process work on the original GBA release as well?

edited 4:08 PM EDT July 14, 2020
by almendaz at 4:56 AM EDT on July 15, 2020
I am no expert in #sf rip process, so I'm not able to answer your first question. Custom sound driver programming is no cakewalk, you know.
There are sound bytes in the (gba) ROM, but I do not know its sequenced sound format for a "gsf" release/rip, if existant at all for this game.
(I have read somewhere that gsf ripping is harder than psf/ssf, if available at all - so be thankful that vgm-t have the tools.)

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