requesting 3 kingdom hearts 2 english lines by threeblacknoises at 3:39 PM EDT on June 26, 2020
Hay all. I bought all the kingdom hearts soundtracks to date, even the English releases of kh1 and yutata's album that had the three English kh songs.
I even have the English atlantica songs from hd remix.
The one thing I'm missing; and that the internet doesn't seem to have; is the English version of "any time, any place"
This is the short diddy that Sora and crew sing just before sealing atlantica.
If anyone can extract those lines from hd remix, I'd be vary happy, as my full hd remix english soundtrack would be truly complete.
I'll take the lines from ps2 kh2 if need be, but I'm looking for isolated lines, not the ingame versions with water and such.
I'm not sure how hd remix has these lines encoded, but the soundtrack only have the singing lines, not the interjecting lines in between.
I know the ps2 kh2 has them separate, as Sora and crew sound different when singing as opposed to talking, so I know that the singing lines must be in ram or something.
Can anyone here help me out?
If not, can anyone point me to somewhere that has these few lines?
Thanks for reading; at the vary least.
by almendaz at 5:45 AM EDT on July 8, 2020
Nobody answered you, so I'll try.
The line you search might be in some sample data in some of the game files.
You'll have to make SURE that the track you expect was not post-processed/"edited from source" for OST release, as is the case the majority of times (remember that vgm composers and devs have their original DATs).
If the track is in fact in RAM, then it must be a sample to be "added" as a part of sequenced sound, and this sample must exist in the game files, whether plain or obfuscated/encrypted. That if it's not mixed as part of any stream.
And also remember that if you do not provide source files, then no one might help with your request.
by mrjaredbeta at 9:11 PM EDT on July 9, 2020
Use PSound to scan the iso file. Your samples should be in there somewhere, but you'll have to sift through the thousands of vocal lines. They should be labeled and grouped to an extent.
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