Street Fighter: Duel (China, Mobile) Music and sprite ripping by JacintaB19 at 3:16 PM EDT on July 13, 2020
I have a .apk of Street Fighter: Duel a china-only JRPG for mobile phones. It has some great music inspired by SFIV and SFV. I'd also want to rip the game's sprites, music, etc., since it doesn't use the Unity Engine. I used AssetStudio, and UABE, and it's no use. I can't rip the music and sprites.

Maybe the game uses cache for it's data, or the data is in the ARSC file? Any help would be needed if you know the right tools/programs for ripping stuff from this game.

Here's it's APK link.

edited 4:01 PM EDT July 13, 2020

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