Harry Potter- Prisoner of Askaban| Can't be downloaded securely. by Jack Krowell at 12:19 PM EDT on October 7, 2020
On the Joshw website, the 7z download link for Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban music files for GBA isn't working properly.

When I tried to download the files, it said that it couldn't securely downloaded, or something like that, so I ended up discarding the file.

Could any of you help me out with this issue please?
by hcs at 12:59 PM EDT on October 7, 2020
Could you copy the link you are using? I don't see any issue, that sounds like an https error but the joshw.info sites don't use https. This link should work.

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by kode54 at 9:48 PM EDT on October 7, 2020
No, see, this is an issue in Google Chrome. It doesn't allow http links to be hotlinked from https sites any more. Currently, you can click the little caret symbol and "Keep" it, but a future version is supposed to block it completely.

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by hcs at 12:26 AM EDT on October 8, 2020
"hotlink"? Even with a normal hyperlink? Weird, it doesn't seem feasible to block all https to http links. I wonder if there's something we could set on the vgm frontend that would allow it, like Content-Security-Policy.
by kode54 at 2:36 AM EDT on October 8, 2020
Even a normal hyperlink includes the referrer field. Oh, and this is specific to downloads, and inlined content. I don't think they care about linking to pages, but I do think that Google is going overboard with this.
by hcs at 2:12 PM EDT on October 8, 2020
Yeah that's weird, I've gotten the console warning but I don't see any blocking in Chrome 86, which according to the article is when blocking is supposed to be enabled for archives. I wonder if they're A/B testing it, or rolling it out slowly?

Nevermind, seeing the blocking now, not sure why it wasn't happening earlier.

edited 2:16 PM EDT October 8, 2020

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