"Deamplify" Exported Songs by MoldyPond at 12:39 AM EDT on October 28, 2020
Not sure exactly how to phrase this, but I was wondering if anyone knows any methods within foobar to export songs quieter than the source?

Listening to the soundtrack for the old PC game "Claw" and using the soundfont available on the DVD version, it sounds EXTREMELY loud. Exporting the files to WAV shows that they are around 6dB too loud and are clipping like crazy. Just wondering if this can be done within foobar or if I'll need to fix them in a sound editing program like Audacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
by Slender at 4:36 AM EDT on October 28, 2020
Perhaps try foo_dsp_amp?
by MoldyPond at 11:19 AM EDT on October 28, 2020
Thanks for the quick reply! Though this does indeed do what I was looking for, I was wondering if there was more of an automatic option that would lower it to the highest point before clipping occurs, per song. Not really a big deal if there isn't one :)
by SmartOne at 4:45 PM EDT on October 31, 2020
ReplayGain scan the files. To avoid file formats that might not support tagging, create an m-TAGS file first, and ReplayGain scan that instead. Then set ReplayGain playback mode "Prevent clipping according to peak."

edited 4:46 PM EDT October 31, 2020
by MoldyPond at 8:34 AM EST on November 1, 2020
Hey thanks for the reply! How does one go about creating an m-TAG file?
by SmartOne at 12:14 PM EST on November 1, 2020
Install the m-TAGS component, select tracks from the playlist you want included in the m-TAGS file, use the context menu to create the m-TAGS file, clear the playlist, drag m-TAGS file onto the playlist.

Your selected files should populate the playlist. The difference is any tagging is added to the m-TAGS file. ...Which is ideally how all tagging should be done.
by MoldyPond at 3:20 PM EST on November 10, 2020
Sorry for the late reply, it looks like that definitely works, thanks a bunch!

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