Multiple questions about Mega Man X4 by TSP184 at 2:26 PM EST on November 13, 2020
Hello there.
I am currently attempting to play every game of the Mega Man X series. I'm just done with X3, and I am trying to find a new link of the Undub patch for Mega Man X4, which replaces the American dub from cutscenes and gameplay with the original Japanese voices, while adding subtitles (link here). If anyone has the patch file, please give me a link.
Otherwise, I also tried to edit the audio of the .h4m files in Mega Man X Collection, although I've only been able to extract the audio with h4m_audio_decode. Does someone know how to edit said audio ?
While trying to edit the audio I also tried to open the sound effects files which, I presume, contain voice clips, with VLC and it worked fine for the musics, but not for the sound effects, even though these two are in the same format : .bin
If anyone could suggest me a tool that can play these files, I'd appreciate it.

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