How to playback sbao files from Far Cry 2 PS3 version? by marcoxD95 at 7:09 PM EST on January 9, 2021
There is a Far Cry 2 PS3 audio rip on joshw that comes with sbao files, like the PC version. However, all the methods I could find online to make them play dont seem to work for the PS3 version and only work on the PC version.

I assume the audio data in the sbao files isnt OGG. I tried OGG conversion, Hyperriper, DecUbiSndGui-0.81. Nothing works.

I mean surely someone must know since someone uploaded the rip to joshw. There are also no instructions how to convert or play them in the download.

I also wanted to rip the xbox360 version after it but didnt bother yet. I just try to make all versions ripable and also want to compare audio quality but so far I only managed to work with the PC version.

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