ATTN: Dark_Ansem - Re: Divinity Original Sin EE upload by kode54 at 9:33 PM EDT on March 23, 2021
Please, at your earliest convenience, acquire MultiPar from this link, if you wish to complete your upload properly. The file is damaged, and I have the last recoverable copy.

Extract the latest version to a folder, and run MultiPar.exe.
Click "Add Files".
Add the working .rar archive as you uploaded it, hopefully you didn't delete it.

Leave Redundancy set to 0.0% first, and click Create.

I'll need the index parity file it creates for you to go any further toward recovering the upload. Otherwise, this 1.2GB archive is next to useless.

Thanks for trying, at least. This tool should make it possible for me to repair the archive completely with minimal additional data from you. The index will let me determine how much redundancy I need, if any.
by Dark_Ansem at 6:56 AM EDT on April 2, 2021
I did delete it ages ago, since I thought it would never be uploaded. I can, however, re-rip it again, and this time in 7z proper.
by Dark_Ansem at 7:19 AM EDT on April 6, 2021
Also, I still can't make uploads bigger than 300mb anyway.

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